Terra mileniul III

Get involved

Redirect 2%! 

You have the possibility of choosing where the 2% of your tax should go to. This tax is the due you pay to the state each month, meaning 16% of your salary. Redirecting 2% to an organization you trust means that a part of your income is used towards the goals you believe in.  All you have to do is fill in the Form 230 (if you are an employee) or the Form 200 (if you are PFA).

The form needs to be signed and sent to the financial administration registry via postal office – with a recommendation letter, or personally, until May 20th 2014.
Formular 230
Formular 200

A Responsible Lifestyle

The resources of Earth are limited and each and every one of us can reduce its pressure upon nature’s fragile system. A lot of responsible lifestyle solutions are in handy nowadays. You can start today in minimizing the water and electricity use, economizing natural resources by waste recycling, or you can choose public transportation and the bike instead of your personal car.

Take Action!

Signal the environmental problems and get involved in resolving them. Think about that fact that lots of them are the effect of human indifference. Sign the petitions and talk to friends and family about the environmental problems that bother you. In this way you can create awareness everywhere around you. Warn the people when they are violating your right of a clean environment. Show that you care.

Be a Terra Volunteer!

You can join our activities and gather experience as a volunteer at TERRA Millennium III. In this way you can meet new people and learn about the challenges and satisfactions in the non-profit work sector. Send an email to office [at] terramileniultrei.ro and tell us about your plans and ideas.

Save more! 

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