Terra mileniul III

Nuclear – implemented projects

Monitorizarea domeniului nuclear in Romania [2013-2014]

Context: Dupa peste 60 de ani de productie de energie nucleara omenirea nu are inca solutii pentru p
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Safety or Stress [2011-2012]

Small communities where public authorities are planning the future radioactive waste repositories ar
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Under_MINE [2009-2010]

The goal of the project is to provide a correct and profound understanding of some issues to the key
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Education regarding nuclear threat for the young generation [2009]

The project aims to both educate and interest pupils and teachers in complex environmental and socia
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Stop planning nuclear disaster! [2007-2008]

The aim of the project is raising awareness regarding nuclear waste disposal in Romania. Objectives:
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Nuclear Risk and Public Control [2012-2013]

  In recent years, with climate change emerging as the world’s top environmental problem,
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