Terra mileniul III
Date:Februarie 22, 2009

Buy Green! [2009-2010]

cumparaEuropean Union public authorities spend approximately 1.5 billion euro per year for product and services procurement, which means around the equivalent of 16% of the GDP. Inside the European Union, the Green Public Procurement potential was first highlighted in the 2003 Commission Communication regarding integrated product policy.

In July 2008, the Commission proposed a voluntary target of 50% for green public procurement to be reached by each member state by year 2010. Romania`s National Action Plan was published in 2008 and covers period 2008-2013, setting specific targets for product and service categories that can be bought by public authorities, according to the European Union legislation.

However, public authority consumers are still skeptical towards green products, mainly because of the lack of knowledge on green products and technology, because of the fact that the acquisition prices are higher or just because of the wrong impression that it is more expensive to go green. Another reason would be ignoring the negative effects that non-green product making and usage have on the environment and not only.

Informative facts in this area are not visible and green buyers do not interact with each other – these are real threats for reaching the present voluntary/compulsory targets to which Romania committed to. Further more, the lack of awareness among public institution buyers leads to a very low demand, which decreases market size.

The main objectives of the project are:

1. Increasing awareness and information flow on Green Public Procurement System for local public authorities;

2. Facilitating access to information regarding national green product suppliers.

The target groups are represented by public authorities and green product and services suppliers.

In order to reach the objectives the following activities were implemented: creating a website providing information on the green public procurement system, legislation and green suppliers, a public debate followed by a press conference and publishing a catalog with green product suppliers.

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