Terra mileniul III
Date:Iunie 19, 2011

Educating for the sustainable and responsible management of the world’s forests [2011-2014]

The project aims to:logo_vettoriale_colori
– Sensitize and mobilize people toward a worldwide sustainable forestry management and to a responsible use and consumption of forestry resources;
– Contribute to disseminating Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) practices to the European general public, particularly targeting youth;
– Contribute to disseminating a sustainable and fair use and consumption of forestry resources;
– Contribute to gain public support for action against poverty and more equitable North-South relations.

 Project target groups:

  • Students;
  • Teachers;
  • Secondary schools (educational entities);
  • Local authorities and park authorities;
  • Enterprises and trade fairs;
  • Professional trainers/educators;
  • NGO/CSOs;
  • Citizens/consumers.


Main activities:

  • Duplication and distribution of a multimedia, informational and educational kit on sustainable and responsible use and consumption of forest;
  • Residential training courses and educational activities based on the application of the kit in Italy, Spain, Romania, Malta, Poland;
  • International network among target groups;
  • Exchange visits between 24 European secondary schools;
  • International conferences on sustainable management of World Forests (Italy, Poland and Romania);
  • Organization of a multimedia and interactive exhibition on the Forests of the world;
  • Social communication campaign;
  • Virtual consultations desk for enterprises, public authorities, NGO.


Implementation period: December 2010 – November 2013
Coordinator: COSPE – Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti
Partners: Comunità Impegno Servizio Volontariato (CISV), Gruppo di Volontariato Civile (GVC), ALMA-RO Association, TERRA Mileniul III Foundation, Rhododendron Association, the Polish Green Network, ACSUR Las Segovias, KOPIN
Associated partners: PEFC Italia, NepCon Poland
Donor: EuropeAid

Website: www.forestsintheworld.org

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