Terra mileniul III
Date:Februarie 22, 2009

Romanian Cities fighting Climate Change: before and after Copenhagen 2009 [2009 – 2010]

Orasele-Romaniei-impotriva-Schimbarilor-ClimaticeThe project goal: to combat climate change locally.

1. To increase the awareness level of the municipality authorities regarding climate change;
2. To increase the information level of the public authorities of Romania’s municipalities regarding the necessity to act locally for mitigation of climate change;
3. To enhance partnerships between the non-governmental sector and the public local authorities in order to protect the environment through local actions of climate change mitigation.

– Publishing of informative material;
– Organizing 8 regional meetings with the representatives of local and environmental authorities from municipalities;
– Designing two GHG emission inventories for two towns;
– Drafting 2 local sustainable development strategies that would serve as a model for local authorities;
– Organizing a national conference.

Target group: the local authorities from the 8 regions in Romania
Partner: The Association of Municipalities in Romania
Implementation period: March 2009-March 2010
Donor: EEA Grants

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