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Date:Aprilie 01, 2015

Eco-Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Rural Development [2015-2016]

LogoBiocarburantEco-Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Rural Development is a project that wants to reveal the potential of unused land, degraded or unsuitable for agriculture by cultivating energy crops with positive economic impact with the capacity to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. The project aims to increase the information and awareness level in rural communities about energy independence on agricultural and household works by using biofuels and also valorization of the remaining biomass for animal food.


  • Increase information and awareness level in at least 5 rural communities from five counties on eco-innovative solutions for production of biofuels locally, opportunities for exploiting energy plants resistant to climate change;
  • Developing a biofuels demonstration project (600 liters) from cameline crops on an area of ​​degraded and / or contaminated soil (2ha) of at least one cycle of production (4 t);
  • Increase the involvement level of 10 NGOs and about 20 farmers in developing public policies on biofuels.


Target group:

  • Farmers
  • Local communities
  • Students from the Agronomy University in Bucharest, Biotechgen center volunteers.
  • Environmental NGOs


Main activities:

  • Development of two brochures: one to promote the concept of energy plants and one with the project results
  • Analysis of the of the soil quality after harvest and before sowing;
  • Planting and harvesting;
  • Demonstration of small-scale biofuel production;
  • Study visit and a seminar: “Cameline: cultivation and use of its advantages in the production of biofuels”;
  • Advocacy campaign on the policy makers to regulate the sector;


Implementation period: April 2015 – June 2016

Coordinator: Microbial Biotechnology Association-BIOTEHGEN Center

Partners: Terra Mileniul III, National Institute of COMOTI

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