Terra mileniul III
Date:Februarie 22, 2009

Sustainable use of biomass for energy purpose [2009-2010]

biomasaThe project aim: to promote a sustainable use of biomass from agriculture for energy purpose.

Objectives :
1. To promote and implement a sustainable solution for heating in both village hall and residential buildings in Vlad Tepes, based on the use of agricultural waste biomass;
2. To increase the capacity of local community in Vlad Tepes to participate at taking and implementing decisions to increase the weight of renewable energy;
3. To promote and disseminate good practices on renewable energies use both at local and national level.

– Acquisition and installation of an briquette installation, making briquettes from agricultural waste/straw;
– Training with the personnel who will operate the installation;
– Manufacturing straw briquettes;
– publishing and disseminating informative materials to the local community on climate change and the use of renewables as a solution to reduce greenhouse gases emissions;
– Survey on the use of straw briquettes;
– Organizing 2 local public debates in Vlad Tepes on the opportunity to use vegetable biomass to insure the thermal energy demand for the village;
– organizing a training for local community leaders, aiming to increase the use of renewable energy sources;
– disseminating information from the project on TERRA III website;
– organizing a happening to inaugurate the briquette installation;
– a press conference.

Target group: farmers in Vlad Tepes village and local public authorities

Parteners: Vlad Tepes Village City Hall, SC AGROMEC SA Calarasi

Donor: GEF Small Grants Program – GEF SGP

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