Terra mileniul III
Date:Februarie 22, 2009

Under_MINE [2009-2010]

pericol-nuclearThe goal of the project is to provide a correct and profound understanding of some issues to the key players in the nuclear sector (authorities, investors, communities).

1. To promote the reaction towards the construction of the Belene nuclear power plant of the Romanian communities residing in the vicinity in areas that are exposed to the potential threat of the construction
2. To provide potential investors (and their Romanian representatives) interested by the development of the Belene nuclear project with information on the negative impact the nuclear power plant will have on the environment and human life and the negative reactions of the local communities and environment NGOs from the countries participating in the project.
3. To finalize an accurate study on the actual status of the uranium mines located in Romania and the quality of the environment and health of the people living in the same areas the mines are located.

Target groups:
– local communities (both Romanian and Bulgarian) located in the vicinity of Belene;
– potential investors in the Belene nuclear Power plant;
– local communities located in the vicinity of the uranium mines.

– Position paper of the Romanian local communities situated in the vicinity of Belene and environmental NGOs;
– Participating in the NGO Clean Energy Summit taking place in Svishtov, Bulgaria;
– Gathering data about the uranium mines located in Romania;
– Viral awareness campaign on uranium mining in Romania;
– Photo gallery with images from the uranium mines and the local communities.

Period: August 2009 – May 2010

Donor: Partnership Foundation

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