Terra mileniul III
Date:Martie 12, 2010

Winning over the member states [2010-2011]

transport-de-marfaThe strategic objective of this project is to durably strengthen our lobby capacity on the transport sector in Romania with a view influencing on EU decisions on fuels and freight transport.

Biofuels: The project aims to use the upcoming opportunity in the EU political process to ensure that biofuels that enter the EU market actually reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions, even when indirect land use change (ILUC) effects are taken into account

Freight: The project aims:
– to enable more fuel efficient and safer European truck design through changes in the EU law of weight and sizes – instead of opening up the law for megatrucks;
– to have a firm political commitment in place to move towards fuel economy regulation of trucks;
– to have a wider and deeper application of distance-based economic incentives in place,  enabled by a more flexible EU law on this issue;

Donor: European Climate Foundation

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