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Climate change – implemented projects

Green Cities – Green Regions [2015 – 2017]

The project “Green Cities – Green Regions” aims to strengthen the partnership between Romanian and S
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The sustainable development of local communities through efficient selective waste collection [2015-2016]

The project aims to find sustainable solutions to improve the current policies of selective collecti
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Eco-Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Rural Development [2015-2016]

Eco-Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Rural Development is a project that wants to reveal the pot
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Young Ambassadors Fighting Climate Change – 4th edition – [2014-2015]

“Young Ambassadors Fighting Climate Change” project addresses the need for education on
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5% within 5 years. Green acquisitions for a green economy [2013-2014]

Comportamentul economic si de consum al oamenilor este determinant pentru protejarea naturii. De ace
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Spre o Economie Verde cu Emisii Reduse de CO2 [2013-2014]

Fenomenul schimbarilor climatice afecteaza tot globul si poate fi proces ireversibil. Majoritatea co
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„Colt de Rai” [2013]

Scopul proiectului: Constientizarea copiilor si adultilor in legatura cu necesitatea protejarii medi
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The forest as a factor of reducing the greenhouse gases [2012-2013]

The project’s purpose is to cut greenhouse gases emissions at a local level in Romania, through a re
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Hands-on Solutions to Climate Change – options for rural communities [2010-2011]

Within this project, we managed to identify easy, free or low-cost solutions for mitigation and adap
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