Terra mileniul III
Date:Ianuarie 09, 2014


computersquareThe aim of the eSchool4S project is to create a multi-national and multi-level network involving stakeholders in the education sector, teacher training institutions, schools, teachers, and classes in the joint development, testing, demonstration and dissemination of innovative e-teaching concepts for secondary schools in the Danube Region.

The objectives of the eSchool4S network are:

1. Initiation and sustainable development of a regional network of stakeholders, decision makers of national

2. Creation of an operational platform for the regional cooperation and the exchange of information, opinion, know-how and experience between projects and programmes as well as between teachers and teacher training institutes from all countries in the Danube Region.

3. Raising awareness of decision makers as well as of teachers for the needs of ESD (i.e. Education for Sustenaible Management) in an interdisciplinary framework in the context of European integration and regional cooperation.

4. Compilation of a baseline study report (and annual updates) on the status of innovation in the thematic fields addressed by the eSchool4S network.

5. Development of innovative methods and tools for the design and implementation of interactive web-based classrooms and virtual project partnerships involving teachers and pupils from different countries in the Danube Region.

6. Application of the jointly developed e-teaching concepts and materials in the eSchool4S web-based classrooms.

7. Continuous monitoring & evaluation of the development of the eSchool4S network and its activities.

8. Efficient promotion of the eSchool4S network and consequent dissemination of outputs from the network.

 The eSchool4S network will, over a period of three years, be developed in 5 subsequent phases:

  • Phase 1: Network launch
  • Phase 2: Initial network operation
  • Phase 3: Extension of the network
  • Phase 4: Consolidation of the network
  • Phase 5: Follow-up


Target groups:

  • National/regional government institutions in the education sector
  • Teacher training institutions
  • District school boards / school advisers and School Managers:
  • Teachers
  • Classes / pupils

Implementation period: January 2014 – December 2016

Coordinator: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ-De)

Partners: Landesakademie für Fortbildung/Personalentwicklung an Schulen (LAK-DE), Pädagogische Hochschule Tirol (PHT-AT), College of Nyíregyháza (TTC-HU), Academia Istropolitana Nova (AIN-SK), e-code Education for Continuous Development (ECD-SK), Aquilonis d.o.o. consultancy for business and management (L3A-HR), Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (UBG-SR), Aprilov National High School (APG-BU), TERRA Mileniul III Foundation (TMI-RO).

Donor: European Commission – The Comenius Programme

Website: www.eSchool4S.eu 

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