Winning over the member states on European transport issues [2012-2013]

cofret_main_imageThe overall aim of the proposal is to contribute to the achievement – at national and European levels – of GHG emissions’ reduction in the transport sector, in general, and in the areas of cars, fuels and road transport, in particular by durably strengthening NGO EU lobby capacity.

The project is divided on 3 areas of interest:
Freight Transport


  • over compliance: support over compliance campaigns for CO2-based car taxes and fuel taxes
  • promote sustainable urban and extra-urban public transport
  • focus on taxation on car registration (“Cash for Clunkers” governmental program)
  • identify friends and foes and activate NGO and non-NGO partnerships and networks
  • establish contacts and engage in car emissions debate with the Romanian car makers
  • participate in joint-launching reports on cars (T&E)
  • to continue to make pressure at national and EU level for including differentiated carbon default values for unconventional fossil fuels, such as tar sands, in the GHG methodology for the fuel quality directive.
  • raise awareness on the impact of ILUC and ‘dirty’ fossil fuels on climate change at national level
  • closely watch the policy of the Ministry of Agriculture in the bio-crops field and trying to participate in the debate on biofuel sustainability with all the stakeholders involved and to advocate feasible legislative solutions with these bodies
  • lobbying for a sustainable public and freight, urban and inter-urban transport in general
  • lorry charging: to have a wider and deeper application of distance-based economic incentives in place, enabled by a more flexible Eurovignette directive


Project Period: June 2012 to May 2013
Donor: European Climate Foundation


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